A high level multiphysics finite element software

load "msh3"

// Parameters
func ue = 2.*x*x + 3.*y*y
        + 4.*z*z + 5.*x*y
        + 6.*x*z + 1.;
real f = -18.;

// Mesh
mesh3 Th = readmesh3("Sphere.mesh");
int[int] Wall = [1];

// Fespace
fespace Vh(Th, P23d);
Vh u, v;

// Macro
macro Grad3(u) [dx(u), dy(u), dz(u)] //

// Problem
problem Lap3d (u, v, solver=CG)
    = int3d(Th)(
          Grad3(v)' * Grad3(u)
    - int3d(Th)(
          f * v
    + on(Wall, u=ue)

// Solve
cout << "u min: " << u[]. min
     << " - max: " << u[].max
     << endl;

// Plot
plot(u, wait=true);

// Save
load "iovtk"
	fespace PVh(Th, P1);
	PVh uu = u;

	string DataName = "u";
	int[int] Order = [1];

	savevtk("Result.vtu", Th,
	        uu, dataname=DataName,

For non-linear multi-physics in 2D and 3D

FreeFem++ offers a fast interpolation algorithm and a language for the manipulation of data on multiple meshes.

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Harnessing the speed of C++. The FreeFem++ language is a C++ idiom.

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Massively parallel thanks to the popular mumps, petsc and hpddm solvers.

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Implement your own physics modules to fit your specific needs.

Icons made by www.freepik.com from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Compatible with the best mesh and vizualization software : Gmsh, Mmg3d and ParaView.

Pre-defined models

Use our collection of pre-defined models, or build your own.

Airplane fluid simulation


Linear and nonlinear fluidic, bi-fluid, free surface fluids

Hook elasticity simulation


Linear and nonlinear elasticity, Mooney-Rivlin, ...

Disc thermal simulation


Diffusion, convection, radiation, ...

Magnet Electromagnetics simulation


Magnetostatic, electrostatic, ...

Multi-physics fluid-structure simulation


Fluid-structure, Thermal fluid, ...

EDP code example

Build your own

Use the FreeFem++ language to implement your own physics

Good documentation matters

Web documentation PDF documentation

Have a look at the examples, the programming language reference, and the new tutorials.

Users contributions are always welcome, feel free to submit a GitHub PR.

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